PS4 Lightbar Decal Installation

Step 1: Turn controller on so you can see the light while installing your decal sticker
Step 2: Wash hands and dry with lint free towel to insure nothing can contaminate vinyl
Step 3: Wash the surface area around the lightbar with alcohol and let air dry.
Can get rubbing alcohol at the dollar stores for $1.
Step 4: Take off the white backing from sticker and hold the clear transfer paper careful not to touch the sticker. Touching the sticker and cause the sticker not to stick.
Step 5: Carefully place the sticker over lightbar make sure light is on to make sure no light is shinny throw the area you dont want light to be.
Step 6: Use your finger to rub down the sticker getting all air bubbles out and making sure that the sticker adheres to remote well.
Step 7: Remove tranfer sheet from the sticker by gently pulling at an angle from left to right away from the surface area that you placed the sticker, put one finger on sticker as you pull away tranfer paper for best results.
Step 8: Set back and enjoy your new customized remote.